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Maya Pale Rose Blue Light

Selected color: Pale Rose
Lens: Blue light

This lens protects against harmful blue light emitted from screens.

Vision lens

Regular reading glasses with or without strength

Blue light lenses

This lens protects against harmful blue light emitted from screens.

Progressive lenses

Clear vision on the upper part with a gradual strength on the lower part of the lens.

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Maya really allows your personality to shine through! Retro yet modern, Maya is sophisticated and minimally detailed with transparent frames rendered in different shades of bio-acetate and silver-tone metal. The oversized square, but soft, silhouette is reminiscent of 1970’s styles and will complement round and oval faces especially well. Wear your glasses to lend a classic mood with a twist to your everyday looks. Choose between five earthy shades to suit your state of mind. If you're up for it, these frames can take advantage of a bold eye makeup.

The anti-blue light treatment on the lens is designed to prevent blue light from reaching your eye. This counteracts stress and fatigue in the eyes and provides better contrast to see more natural colors.

✔️ Blocks around 80% of blue light emitted from digital devices

✔️ Relieves the eyes from stress and fatigue

✔️ Reduces headaches

✔️ Lets you sleep better

✔️ Made of 100 % sustainable acetate and nickel-free metal

✔️ Made with flexible stainless steel hinges and 100 % acetate which add flexibility and durability to the wonderfully feminine design

✔️ Thin high-quality C39 lens that has been treated to resist dirt and scratches - and blue light